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Innovated with the continued desire to evolve, 911 Express Tech is one of the top repair services to have most electronic services repaired. As founder, owner, and CEO, Mr. Joe Harmon has a strong background with the tech industry. His background as a veteran in the United States Army working as senior NCO in communications and signal championed with his accredited college degree, he is no stranger to the growing demands of the industry. Beginning his career in 1997, Mr. Harmon has continued to thrive opening business throughout his hometown, successfully repairing thousands of electronics. Here at 911 Express Tech, we are a family-friendly business welcoming all those in need of having electronics repaired.

Mrs. Bonnie Hines

With an associate degree in Internet Security and a passion for solving technological challenges, Bonnie is dedicated to providing top-notch services to individuals and businesses alike. With years of experience in installing and troubleshooting as well as certifications in networking, A+, and internet security, she believes that every problem has a solution. Bonnie will strive to find the most effective and efficient way to resolve issues with unwavering determination, integrity, and transparency.

911 Express Tech has repaired over 4000 computer systems in Radcliff and Elizabethtown KY and we're expanding services every day. Speedy service and an honest friendly approach is the key to our success. Allow us to help with all aspects of your computer service and repair. 

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